Proscan Linear Drive XY Stage with Controller & Trigger Module

USD $22,664.00
USD $10,000.00

Prior XY stage and controller, gently used as demo equipment. 


  • ProScan Linear Drive XY Stage, 120 x 72 mm Travel, 50 nm Resolution (HLD117NN)
  • ProScan III Controller, XY Linear Drives and Z Stepper Drive (HLD31XYZ)
  • ProScan III Trigger Module (HLD31T)

The HLD117 series of flat top stages with linear motor technology for inverted research microscopes set new standards for convenience and performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with other items such as micromanipulators and incubation chambers, the top surface of the stage is completely free of obstruction. This provides a highly ergonomic platform with exceptionally easy access to the sample area. The HLD117 incorporates constant contact bearings giving the lowest friction and smoothest drive available. With an impressive 0.15 micron repeatability and 50 nanometer linear scales, the HLD117 is the best microscope stage on the market today.