Femto Easy BeamPro Laser Beam Profilers (UV, VIS, NIR)

The BeamPro CMOS Laser Beam Profilers retrieve the beam diameter and position, as well as the full 2D spatial shape of the beam. We offer a wide variety of beam profiling cameras covering wavelengths from UV (~150 nm) to the NIR (1.1 µm) with small pixels, large active areas, small/compact footprint and square formats. This is the most comprehensive range of laser beam profilers so that any application and requirement can be covered:

  • BeamPro Small Pixel: Available with the smallest pixel size for the best accuracy in measuring focused laser beams down to 10 µm or less.
  • BeamPro Large Area: Offers the best accuracy in measuring collimated laser beams up to 25 mm without additional optics.
  • BeamPro Compact Footprint: Beam profiler with a thickness of less than 15 mm  for laser beam measurements in small spaces.
  • BeamPro Square Format: Offers the ultimate combination of small pixels, large area and global shutter in the most natural shape for circular beams.