IndiGo NIR Handheld Modular Spectrometer

USD $2,650.00

An Affordable, Modular NIR Spectrometer

Take spectral measurements anywhere at any time with IndiGo NIR. IndiGo NIR is a near Infrared portable spectrometer that fits in the palm of your hand and is modular for many different uses.

This new spectrometer allows the user to measure emission, absorption or transmission spectra directly on a handheld device or a PC and is compatible with all Android tablets and smartphones equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

IndiGo NIR provides data compatible with all the chemometric software’s (R, Solo, Unscrambler, Quasar…). Customization of the firmware to associate your chemometrics model is possible.

The LED excitation module is designed to ensure a perfect stability of excitation over the time.

With its optional modules, IndiGo NIR can allow analyzes on liquid or on solid samples.

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