GoSpectro Smartphone Portable Spectrometer

USD $525.00

The GoSpectro  is a revolutionary device turning any smartphone or tablet into an ultracompact, handheld spectrometer.

The GoSpectro spectrometer is based on a patented axial transmission configuration that leads to higher light collection,  combined with 2D vertical binning that provides higher signal-to-noise levels thanks to nowadays CMOS camera extreme low light sensitivity. GoSpectro is the result of years of research at Alphanov, a renowned technology center located in Bordeaux, France.  In 2017, it received the first prize at the annual prestigious SPIE “Prism Award” in the Detector and Sensor category in San Francisco, USA. GoSpectro takes full advantage of today’s smartphone cameras  performance (resolution, noise ) and convenience. It is low-cost, easily installs in seconds , operates over the entire visible range (400 nm – 750 nm) and offers a spectral resolution better than 10 nm with a reproducibility of 1 nm.

This revolutionary portable spectrometer allows measuring spectra in emission, transmission or reflection applications, with unparalleled ease of use and convenience. GoSpectro is the ideal spectroscopy tool for any application requiring high portability.

The GoSpectro is supplied with:

  • An adapter kit compatible with most smartphones and tablets
  • A mobile application available on Android and iOS

For more information on the GoSpectro, visit our main website here: https://www.axiomoptics.com/products/gospectro/

 GoSpectro User Manual.pdf


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